Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Facts

Previously, Nintendo announced that the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl would take place in the newly devised setting of “Shinou Country” and offer players the choice between a male and female character.

Now Nintendo has released more information on the new Pokémon game.

The world you play in now changes the weather (night, day, rainy, etc.) based on the time of day.

Several screenshots that were released show the world cycling from a bright morning scene to a dimly lit night scene. Nintendo is going back to the pokemon Crystal way of finding pokemon and when the evolve, by basing it on the time of day (or night).

Also, some of the Pokémon will be visually distinct males and females. Examples were given on how they might look different, like spots on the wings of a Butterfree and the size of Scizor’s abdomen.

The Pokédex has been rebuild to look like a DS. The interface will be touchable and allow you to move through lists and find pokemon more quickly (in previous games, it took extremely long to go through the lists and searching was slow)

The new Pokémon game will feature the “Pokémon watch”. The item is upgradeable and will steadily gain features throughout the game. Its display will always be shown in the lower screen, allowing players to check it at any time. In addition to showing the time, the watch will have a calculator, a monitor that lets players check up on Pokémon being raised at breeding centers, and a function that automatically calculates the effect of one type of Pokémon’s techniques on other types.

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