Q&A Answering your Pokemon Questions

I have decided to dedicate a post to answering some pokemon questions I recieve daily.

You have no idea how many comments I get a day about when Pokemon Ranger comes out. It releases on the 30th of this month people. I don’t know what is really causing the want for the game.

The second most popular question I recieve is when Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (insert color here) Rescue Team comes out. If you are still asking me this question it’s because you missed the release. It came out a month ago. But the release was silent. It wasn’t overly advertised or from what I saw, advertised at all (on TV I mean).

The third question of the day is: “Is there going to going to be a pokemon game for the wii?”

The answer to this one is yes. The name of the game is called: “Pokemon Battle Revolution” and is being made by the same people who made the Pokemon Colessuem games (Genius Sonority). As of now all we know is that it has a release date in Japan, and Nintendo has not said anything else on this topic. UPDATE: It will release in America, check the recent news articles on this site. Or search “Pokemon Battle Revolution” in the box above.

Thanks for sending in your massive array of questions!