Rare sends out super secret wallpaper about Banjo Kazooie. Secret characters within

thumb-of-nuts-and-bolts-wallpaper And we got one! The wallpaper, sent to 30 winners of a contest that was hidden in the recent scribes update, contains characters portraits from Nuts and Bolts. But it also contains blurred out (possible spoilers) secret characters that will appear in Nuts and Bolts.

From the picture, we can make out some other characters that are possibly from other Rare franchises (Viva Piñata, specifically Furgy [3rd row 2nd picture]), and maybe that squirrel Conkor, too (but then the bottom right also doesn’t look like him).

This info is not available anywhere else (yet).

We aren’t sure about the hidden characters, but you can help us id them by posting your ideas in the comments.

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