Reservoir Dogs gets banned in the Australia

Posted on July 28, 2006 by MASA.
Categories: Gaming, PC, PS2, Xbox.

Australian officials have reported today that the new game, Reservoir Dogs will not release in Australia. The game has been banned from being sold or reviewed in Australia because of the ultra violence. If you thought something like Chronicals of Riddick or Silent Hill 3 or Resident Evil is violent, then you won’t believe how evil the game sounds. According to Australian Rating boards, “Players can take police officers hostage and go on to burn out their eyes with a lit cigar, chop off their fingers with a cigar cutter, and hack off their ears using a scalpel, while [the police officers] plead for their lives and scream in pain”…

Wow. That sounded violent. Watch as every single politician attacks this one. And watch how some stupid parent will buy it and then sue companies that aren’t even involved (reference to the GTA:SA lawsuit where they were suing: Nintendo, and a bunch of other companies that weren’t involved).

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