Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 is a fun game. However, it’s not the same Bad Company as the 2008 shooter by DICE that I loved so much.

The lovable characters, the somewhat cliché (but totally done tongue in cheek) story, and the unseriousness of the game were awesome. They are also completely dead in the sequel. DICE ended up throwing out the original story and all of the settings. Now you’ll spend your time in desolate snow, jungle and sand with enemies that completely hate you (and are much tougher from the first game). The game has frame tearing issues in campaign to top it off. I am saddened that the game lost a lot of its humor in order to compete with Call of Duty. If I only reviewed single player, this game would get a B-.

The multiplayer is really good though. It’s very hard to get into but after a while the game becomes bearable. However, BC2 doesn’t support 360 controllers, so those who played the last game are pretty much screwed over and as a result they lose 80 bajillion points. You lose EA.

Verdict: MAYBE