Review: Poker Night at The Inventory

The majority of us got Poker Night for the TF2 items. This was to be expected. But if you step back a bit and start playing the game more, you’ll notice that Telltale Games has put a lot of work into making the game fun to play (and this comes from someone who doesn’t play Poker as much).

Now, there is a ton of dialogue in this title. It’s nice but it can get pretty annoying (there is a setting for this). You may call this game fan-service. It kinda is but PN doesn’t bludgeon you over your head too much.

Even after getting all the items (which you can do in about an hour), you might find yourself playing the game more. PN@TI actually really well done. And for only $5 dollars, it’s not a bad deal but you probably won’t be playing it very often.

In the end it’s cheap,  funny and it has TF2 items. If you don’t want to spend $5 dollars, you won’t be missing too much.