Review: Transformers War for Cybertron

Let’s face it, the majority of games based on existing properties tend to be really really terrible. But the few gems, like Batman Forever 64 and Transformers: WFC really stand out.

I absolutely adore this game. War for Cybertron is an extremely well executed game. The transforming mechanic feels natural and really contributes to gameplay (unlike what other people say, vehicle mode is a great way to get around and beat bosses). The downside is that a lot of the minibosses are rather generic and can get pretty boring.

But the locations, OH the locations. Whoever was the environmental artist is awesome. The levels look amazing and are easily navigable (there’s a few parts where this isn’t the case).

The singleplayer lasts for quite a while and is a lot of fun to play. The multiplayer is also good. There are a few weapons that are overpowered, but overall, it’s okay. Disappointingly, there are very few people online, with the most I’ve seen being about 132.

Verdict: BUY

Additional Notes:
This game is not a part of the movie series. It does not tie into the movies what-so-ever. Nor is it relatable to the previous games (WFC was made by High Moon Studios. The previous games were made by Traveler’s Tales [who make really crappy games]).