This month’s TurboGrafx-16 Wii Virtual Console games

Once again, Hudson Soft published the upcoming titles for the Wii Virtual Console before Nintendo (man, Nintendo really needs to let people know ahead of time).

Bonk 3We start this list out with what is coming out this week, Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure. It’s original title was: Bonk 3: Bonk didn’t get enough money from Bonk 2 so we decided to make another game so we can pack in that extra Bonk, so you can get the complete Bonk experience, if the first one wasn’t satisfactory. However this title got cut due to the over-usage of the fact that Bonk 2 wasn’t as good as Bonk 1.

In Bonk 3, you play as Bonk, the prehistoric caveman (and not like the ones from the Geico commercial) who “senses” something is wrong when the Moon is stuck under the sea. How that is even possible goes beyond me. In order to save the day you need to thwart Evil King Drool’s plans (what happens if he isn’t behind it, eh?). Bonk 3 will be available for 600 WiiPoints.

Neutopia 2Now onto the rest of the month. The next game is Neutopia II, the Legend of Zelda clone that was featured last week. Clearly, Legend of Zelda was an inspiration or maybe more than just an inspiration, more like guideline or something. Stuff about your father was going to be killed by a hideous monster, you fight stuff, some generic storyline, etc etc.

Then World Class Baseball, a sports game (obviously), is next in the Wii Virtual Console line. The last game to appear on the Wii Virtual Console for the TurboGrafx-16 is the Legend Of Hero Tonma, which happens to be like a Super Mario clone. In the game you play as a character named Tommy, who has to rescue a princess from bad guys. To defeat the bad guys, you have to shoot fireballs and/or jump on their heads (sound familiar?).

All games listed will be put up for 600 points each and they will appear sometime this month (except for Bonk 3, who’s release date is confirmed for tomorrow).