Sonic RPG titled and dated

Sonic Chronicals: The Dark BrotherhoodThe mysterious Sonic RPG that’s been in progress for about a year finally has a title. It’s called Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and it’s coming out this year on September 9th for the Nintendo DS. The game is being developed by BioWare. You might remember them from Mass Effect.

First of all, why an RPG? Hasn’t Sonic almost always been a platformer or an Adventure game (not counting the Sonic boxing game)? Is this showing us that SEGA isn’t making much money off of the Sonic franchise? This seems to be the case, notice it’s called Sonic Chronicles, which normally infers there is going to be a sequel or something.

Second of all, “The Dark Brotherhood”? That sounds like something from World of Warcraft doesn’t it?

Nintendo Power states that the game has two acts, one placed in the traditional Green Hill Zone and happy places like that. The other act takes place in “darker world than we’re accustomed to seeing in Sonic games”. Really now? You obviously haven’t played some of the more recent Sonic games. Shadow the Hedgehog, anyone?

So far, not much else is known, other then the fact the main Sonic cast is playable (Blaze and Silver and Cream aren’t on the list though).