The Legend of RollarZelda?!

LOZ:RCRollarCoaster Tycoon is hands down the best theme park simulator that is out there. You can pratically make anything with the game…even a Legend of Zelda style park. A user on the Atari forums has made a complete theme park that is based on the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And he did a extremely good job on it. No crapy..kinda like zelda park. No this looks like the real deal. And that would be very hard to do because Rollar Coaster Tycoon 3 has alot of stuff and you have alot of options. But the whole park really goes to the spirit of Legend of Zelda.

It looks great..and I would love to have a park like this in my Rollar Coaster Tycoon. And the person is so nice that they are sharing the files needed to actually make this park.

Check out the Legend of Zelda theme park. You will like what you see.