The Sims Bowling released for the iPod

The Sims BowlingWhy in the world would we ever want a game called “The Sims Bowling” for an iPod? I mean why not just make “The Sims” for the iPod. That would be cool, and if it was made well, people will be sure to buy it.

Anyways, The Sims Bowling game is like a very very very simplistic version of The Sims revolved around bowling (it’s obvious from the title). You are able to create your own Sim and make Simoleons (the money in Sims games) to buy stuff for your character. You are able to play the “Sims Life” (which beyond playing as a Sim, it seems you can go home and do stuff there [I doubt much]) and fulfill your dream to be the most popular Sim at the bowling alley. The game looks pretty good, much better then “Lost” for the iPod. However, a much better game idea would be to make an actual Sims game for the iPod. The game does feature multi-player, and the graphics look great for an iPod game.

So if you love The Sims, like playing bowling (or Bowling games) or are looking for a good game for your iPod, The Sims Bowling might be a good pick.