Okay, here is something that no one has and it’s true. But I am limited on what I can say so I have to brief it for you.

I am gonna list these cause it will be easier

  1. Pokemon Ranger is a game for the DS that will allow you to play as the pokemon and allow you to talk to other pokemon in English (squirtle and chikarita are gonna be in the game….squirtle looks so cute)
  2. Nintendo is making a new murder mystery game for the DS where you play as a detective in the 1960s. It’s named Hotel Dusk. You have a lover who is missing, and you travel around US [man the transitions between places is so cool. It’s like a drop down effect. Oh which reminds me, your character constantly thinks of his lover] trying to solve the mystery. You kill someone near the start on a dock, and the word “why?” appears on the screen. Based on the dark shaded graphics and the awesome transitions of the game, I would say it’s being made by the same team as Another was made by.
  3. I saw the final box art of Twilight Princess but wasn’t allow to take a picture of it (I didn’t have a media pass [sorry guys..]) but a brief description: it will have the logo on the front as well as link as a wolf and himself and Zelda makes an appearance with her black cloak. The background is a darkness theme with a cliff and purple was in the shot. I can’t remember if the moon is in it or not (this is not it). I am gonna try to get the offical boxart soon.
  4. The new Kirby game for the GCN will have the same animation for the sword as Kirby had in Kirby’s Air Ride
  5. ChibiRobo is gonna go to the DS
  6. “COME BACK LINK!” is a line in the new Zelda game for the DS
  7. The Wii looks awesome
  8. Star Fox Command has great controls

And that’s about it for my Top Secret Nintendo Facts