Ubisoft is porting Driver to the Wii?! (and PC)

Well, it’s quite possible, seeing that Ubisoft bought out the makers of the Driv3r series (Reflections). And also that they have the actual brand name Driver from Atari (if you don’t remember, Atari sold it to keep themselves from going down the hole), it’s perfectly okay for them to make a port. Then add the fact that they haven’t used the Driver logo it will probably be made. It’s rather obvious.

But of course, it’s not Ubisoft is going to make a game. Well actually they are. Ubisoft has announced that they will be making a Wii and PC port of the game, Driver: Parallel Lines. The game is going to be rated “M” (yes, ESRB has rated it already) and is in development. The game is predicted to come out on March 20 of this year.