Wii is a sell out

WiiThis may not come as a shock but the Wii is a major sell out. It’s sold over 600,000 units in just 8 simple days. And most people have managed to to break something with their controller because they have sweaty hands (eww..don’t touch that one when they are done). Or because they can’t hold a remote (maybe it’s their first time) due to other members in the family hogging the remote.

So which game is the most popular for the Wii right now? It’s Legend of Zelda:Twlight Princess. The game has sold over 454,000 copies (which is about 75% of all purchasers of the Wii bought LOZ:TP [and no, TP doesn’t mean Toilet Paper]). Even Reggie is surprised “We’ve shipped retailers several times the amount of hardware the other company [Referring to Sony and the PS3] was able to deliver for its launch around the same time — and we still sold out.”. Wow Reggie. Don’t ever doubt yourself. For everyone else, good luck finding a Wii and game on.