Xbox 360 not feeling well? Is it under the weather and down in the dumpity?

Well apparently the most weirdest way to fix the 3 red lights of death problem for the Xbox 360 has been revealed. Apparently, it just needs to get cuddled up in a nice soft cotton…TOWEL?! Yes, a towel.

Someone on IGN forums a way to fix your 360 if you have the 3 red lights of doom. All you have to do is wrap your entire console (completely) with a cotton towel and turn on the system for 10-15 min. Of course, by 7 minutes your entire house will be on fire but who cares. At least your 360 will work. Despite being the biggest fire hazard ever seen by a game console, it actually works. After 15 min, turn off the console, unwrap it and then reboot it. The console will not have the 3 red lights of death for atleast 3 hours.

This trick is great for people who could care less about fire hazards (it should be okay as long as you watch it and take it off between 10-15 min) and don’t want to wait for MS to send them a new replacement system. Crazy stuff. Thanks to Mike for pointing out this trick.