Xbox 360 warranties improved

Microsoft has improved the Xbox 360 warranties again, and we were the first to try it out. Recently, our Xbox 360 had a disk drive error where it sounded like the disk drive was eating itself. So we called up Microsoft and asked if they could do something about it.

So they decided to send us a box (which came 1 day after the call) with free 3 day shipping (that’s the first improvement [they sent us the box for free too]).

The second thing is they speed up repair time (we got our Xbox fixed and replaced in a day). We also got an extension on our warranty for free (Yeah, one year. Awesome, no? Apparently Microsoft is doing this to everyone who sends in their Xbox for repair). And the best of them all, the support reps actually talk fluent English! YAY! No more lost in translation crap! Oh and it’s 3 day shipping all around (however we got the console back today, and it took only two days).

So Microsoft is stepping up and improving their service, finally.