Xbox 360 watches you

The Xbox 360 is supposed to support webcams because of it’s new update to the live dashboard. But….where is the web cam? According to Microsoft, the webcam will release on September 19. The camera (called Live Vision) is a USB 2.0 peripheral which will be compatible with PCs as well as Xbox360s. No drivers will be required for the webcam to run on either machine. Other Web cams won’t work with the Xbox 360 only the Live Vision cam will. Using the cam you can set the desktop of the 360 dashboard, as well as add effects to pictures. Waving hands in front of the camera when it’s on its “watery” setting will cause the background to “undulate” and ripple as if underwater. Other options include an “edgy” setting and a “dotty” setting.

You can also use the cam to create a personalized visualizer for the music player mode of the 360.

The camera will also be used in several games, like: Activision’s World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions, Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas, and several Xbox Live Arcade games.

Instant Messages will be able to be sent with photos taken from the camera.

Xbox 360 live vision cam