Yes, we know how cool the Halo 3 (multiplayer alpha) is.

halo 3 imageOops? Bungie is gonna start rollin’ heads after this. A Bungie employee has “accidentally” leaked info of what the Halo 3 Multiplayer Alpha looks like, before February 1-3, when it was going to release as an alpha promo. Of course, Bungie has started it’s rounds on terminating images off of their server (odd that no one noticed, till now?). Anyway, the Alpha is 1.03GB big and some google video still has some videos. To make it mysterious, there is only one video with quality that you can see something is going on. Still, who knows. The game still has another 2-3 weeks until the promo actually starts. And a lot can change.

To view the video files click on one of the numbers: 1 2 3

And mirrored servers at 1 2