Zelda DS gets a date, Corruption delayed a week

In what looks to be the DS’s most-anticipated game, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass received a set release date announced by Nintendo earlier today. The twelfth game in the Zelda saga will hit stores on October 1st of this year- but before you mark your calendars, be sure to use something erasable. Nintendo seems to have delayed/be delaying a lot of their hit games recently (Twilight Princess, Corruption)- not that I’m knocking them or anything, just a note.

On that topic, actually, amidst the Phantom Hourglass news, some Metroid news arose, too- seemingly hidden behind the Zelda announcement, Corruption’s been delayed a week to August 27th (a week from its set date)- not too horrible, but delayed nonetheless. Boo.