Reminder: Madden 08 tomorrow, launch parties tonight

Yup, today’s the day: August…13. You know, the day before Madden 08 comes out. If you want to preorder, today’s your last day to do it- and preorders are selling like hotcakes for the 08 installment. If you already have it preordered, your store probably has a launch party, so I suggest calling them.

I don’t know what else I can say. Uh, buy Madden?

Quake Arena, possibly coming to a DS near you

Quake Arena, the game that originally released in 1999, but than re-released a couple of times after 1999, is reportedly heading to the DS.

The news comes from John Carmack, the Director at id Software, at ComicCon 2007, where he said that the controls will not be touch-based “like Metroid Prime Hunters” is. He wishes all shooting and movement and such done with the D-Pad and other buttons. There’s no word as to whether or not the game will take advantage of Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection service.

However, Carmack did say that the game would be a concept game. One that will probably not release to the public, it’s just id Software testing the DS. Hopefully if they like it they might release it to stores.

Picross released, ready to puzzle players

Nintendo also released Picross today, a puzzle game which features your daily digest of Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. Picross is supposed to be more “fresh” than Sudoku DS (which only featured 80 or so puzzles and then it got boring) because it has puzzles that update everyday. Anyways, the game allows easy writing so you can easily fill in answers. Hopefully, it won’t get my 2’s mixed up with 4’s (even in the clearest of handwriting it still got mixed up) but I doubt Nintendo fixed that. Picross features the ability to make your own puzzles and share with friends.

No doubt is this a good game for newspaper puzzle addicts.

Nintendo now 5th biggest company in Japan

Big news for Nintendo, they are now the 5th biggest company in Japan. The cause of this is because of that dang new founded touchy thing that those youngsters are carrying around. And I am not talking about the iPhone. But the DS and DS lite have brought in mass amounts  of money, we assume because of Nintendo’s targeting of non-gamer like people with games like Brain Age and the much older, yet still adorable, Nintendogs. Of course, no one can forget that PS3 whoopin’ Wii console that has managed to kick the PS3 in sales in Japan. It’s probably because of the motion sensor and the get up and play message they bring in their ads.

Congrats Nintendo!