Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Facts

Previously, Nintendo announced that the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl would take place in the newly devised setting of “Shinou Country” and offer players the choice between a male and female character.

Now Nintendo has released more information on the new Pokémon game.

The world you play in now changes the weather (night, day, rainy, etc.) based on the time of day.

Several screenshots that were released show the world cycling from a bright morning scene to a dimly lit night scene. Nintendo is going back to the pokemon Crystal way of finding pokemon and when the evolve, by basing it on the time of day (or night).

Also, some of the Pokémon will be visually distinct males and females. Examples were given on how they might look different, like spots on the wings of a Butterfree and the size of Scizor’s abdomen.

The Pokédex has been rebuild to look like a DS. The interface will be touchable and allow you to move through lists and find pokemon more quickly (in previous games, it took extremely long to go through the lists and searching was slow)

The new Pokémon game will feature the “Pokémon watch”. The item is upgradeable and will steadily gain features throughout the game. Its display will always be shown in the lower screen, allowing players to check it at any time. In addition to showing the time, the watch will have a calculator, a monitor that lets players check up on Pokémon being raised at breeding centers, and a function that automatically calculates the effect of one type of Pokémon’s techniques on other types.

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StarFox comes to the DS

Nintendo has decided to release StarFox to the DS. This plan has been around since the end of E3 this year. But today, they decided to name it. The game will be called StarFox Command. Which looks really cool. Nintendo decided to take StarFox back to its roots and went with cockpit only levels. The game does support Wi-Fi and 8 player WiLan features. Multiplayer consists of Dogfight (air battle) and co-op.

StarFox Command is scheduled to release on August 28.


EA has announced that (other then their lawsuit they are currently having with its workers) SSX4 (the sequel to SSX3) will be coming out early. The maker’s snowboarding franchise has been a big hit with almost all video game owners. SSX3 was one of the best ever made. The DS and PSP versions will be released at a later date. More details to come

Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Solution

Nintendo has released a little dongle for those who don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network to be able to play online games on their DS. The little accessory has the size of a regular thumb drive in which you plug into a USB port in your computer. The price is thought to be at least $53 dollars. The DS Internet play service will support friends lists. The little plug will be available when Mario Kart DS releases. Please note that nintendo published games will have free online play but other companies may charge. Above is a picture of the little plug. Also listed is the future game list of titles that will support online game play.

The game list:
(Title/Publisher/Date of release)

Ash / MistWalker
Bomberman Story / Hudson
Crossword Puzzle / Nintendo
Custom Robo DS / Nintendo
Daikookai Jidai DS / Koei
Dangerious Jisan / Konami
Densetsu no Stafi 4 / Nintendo
Detect Hacker / Nintendo
Dracula Castlevania / Konami
Eigo Zuke DS [English Training] / Nintendo
Gyakuten Saiban 4 / Capcom, 2006
Jigsaw Puzzle / Nintendo
Kahashima Ryuuta Kyouju no Nouo Kitaeru Otona DS Training 2 / Nintendo, 12/29/2005
Kaitou Wario / Nintendo
Mario Basketball 3 on 3 / Nintendo
New Gundam / Bandai
Nobunaga’s Ambition DS / Koei
Ocha Inu no Heya / Koei
Puzzle Up DS / Nintendo
Rainbow Island DS / Taito, 01/05/2006
Stylebook Series / Bandai
Sudokou / Nintendo
Tales DS / Namco
Tingle RPG / Nintendo
Vs. Puzzle Papi Inu Vector Wan / Konami
Yu-Gi-Oh! / Konami