Nintendo now 5th biggest company in Japan

Big news for Nintendo, they are now the 5th biggest company in Japan. The cause of this is because of that dang new founded touchy thing that those youngsters are carrying around. And I am not talking about the iPhone. But the DS and DS lite have brought in mass amounts  of money, we assume because of Nintendo’s targeting of non-gamer like people with games like Brain Age and the much older, yet still adorable, Nintendogs. Of course, no one can forget that PS3 whoopin’ Wii console that has managed to kick the PS3 in sales in Japan. It’s probably because of the motion sensor and the get up and play message they bring in their ads.

Congrats Nintendo!

Nintendo releasing a game that trains…your face?!

Nintendo Face TrainingWhen we thought couldn’t get any weirder, Nintendo has pushed it farther and has announced Face Training for the DS. We thought Brain Age was a interesting concept, but Face Training brings it to the extremely odd.

With Brain Age, you were to make your brain younger by boosting up those brain cells, but with Face Training you are striving to make your face prettier. One would assume that it doesn’t mean you have to put on makeup anymore, or you can make all your zits go away by doing these exercises, but it proves that at Nintendo, crazy games are made. The game is powered through a new accessory for the DS that is like a camera. It sits the DS up book wise like when you play Brain Age and shows your face on the touch screen.

So far it’s planned to release on August 2nd in Japan.

EA Reveals Madden NFL 08 soundtrack

Madden NFL 08 Soundtrack listingEA Tiburon (the EA studio in Florida), has just released a list of songs to be featured in the newest Madden NFL game that releases this August. This year’s game will be the series 18th game. A random fact about the series is that it has sold 60 million copies, which nets around $2 billion dollars for EA Tiburon Studios. The game is supposed to feature 27 songs, yet EA only gave us 15 songs in the list. Nice counting EA.