Need For Speed Carbon News Update

carbonEA previewed Need for Speed Carbon at E3 this year and today we learned more about the game.

In the game, players will race as part of a crew in a turf war for the city to gain your rivals’ stomping grounds. But it doesn’t stop there. The Police eventually force the war out into the Canyon area where you continue to fight.

EA is going to finally be serious about customization by giving you new options in Carbon, like the ability to set the configurations of your car, as well as controlling and modifying your crew.

Need for Speed Carbon will be released this November on all current generation systems plus the PS3 and Wii.

Bill Gates Steps Down

Bill Gates is fading out of his full-time role at Microsoft, the software giant that’s been under pressure due to a sagging stock price, competition from Google, and nagging delays in the Vista operating system.

He will officially quit on June 2008 and Microsoft’s chief technical officer Ray Ozzie will immediately assume the title of chief software architect. In addition, chief technical officer Craig Mundie will immediately take the new title of chief research and strategy officer and will assume Gates’ responsibilities for the company’s research and incubation efforts.

Halo 2 info for the PC

Halo 2 is coming to the PC, but…you won’t be able to play, until Vista comes out. Because Halo 2 will require the upcoming Windows Vista operating system to play, but it doesn’t require a DirectX 10 card. Also, the PC version will not be able to play with the Xbox version because the PC version will have new maps and a map editor. Halo 2 PC will lose the clan playlist feature from the Xbox version. But with a twist. Clans still function, but players will no longer have a clan rank.