Review: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Few people still play this game, Vegas 2 old but it still is a blast if you can ever find a match. The campaign is really cool and the multiplayer is fantastic when you find people.

The single player levels are rather expansive for a game this old and they contain advertisements for current trends (thank Massive for that). Co-Op Campaign makes this a fun blitz into the game and you can both split up and control portions of the squad together. Unfortunately, the game does have bugs with the voice communication (everyone had to use text chat, which is not a helpful option in a game that demands a large amount of precision and concentration). That said, the experience is well worth the wait.

There are probably 200+ people who still play this game, and this is something you don’t want to miss. Plus, Vegas 2 is cheap.

Verdict: BUY IT

Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 is a fun game. However, it’s not the same Bad Company as the 2008 shooter by DICE that I loved so much.

The lovable characters, the somewhat clich√© (but totally done tongue in cheek) story, and the unseriousness of the game were awesome. They are also completely dead in the sequel. DICE ended up throwing out the original story and all of the settings. Now you’ll spend your time in desolate snow, jungle and sand with enemies that completely hate you (and are much tougher from the first game). The game has frame tearing issues in campaign to top it off. I am saddened that the game lost a lot of its humor in order to compete with Call of Duty. If I only reviewed single player, this game would get a B-.

The multiplayer is really good though. It’s very hard to get into but after a while the game becomes bearable. However, BC2 doesn’t support 360 controllers, so those who played the last game are pretty much screwed over and as a result they lose 80 bajillion points. You lose EA.

Verdict: MAYBE

Review: Poker Night at The Inventory

The majority of us got Poker Night for the TF2 items. This was to be expected. But if you step back a bit and start playing the game more, you’ll notice that Telltale Games has put a lot of work into making the game fun to play (and this comes from someone who doesn’t play Poker as much).

Now, there is a ton of dialogue in this title. It’s nice but it can get pretty annoying (there is a setting for this). You may call this game fan-service. It kinda is but PN doesn’t bludgeon you over your head too much.

Even after getting all the items (which you can do in about an hour), you might find yourself playing the game more. PN@TI actually really well done. And for only $5 dollars, it’s not a bad deal but you probably won’t be playing it very often.

In the end it’s cheap,¬† funny and it has TF2 items. If you don’t want to spend $5 dollars, you won’t be missing too much.


Review: Left 4 Dead 2

L4D2 is an okay game. The characters are not as great as the last installment and the daytime levels feel like a drone (a lot of the music does not help this fact). The story actually follows a narrative arc, but there are only a couple of maps that are any good.

With the sequel came about new guns and new zombies, the majority of which can be filled under the “ZOMG BS JOCKEY WON’T DIE!!!!!” The melee weapons are a welcome addition as well as the SPAS combat shotgun (my favorite).

In my eyes, the only thing that make this game better than L4D1 is that it seems like more people are playing L4D2, and the mutations. Scavenge isn’t all that great and Realism is really a try once, but get bored and never play again.

In the end, unless you get both L4D 1 & 2 for the price of ~20, then you might as well just skip this version.

Verdict: PASS

Review: Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is a TON of fun. If you get it for the PC, you are making the right decision. The console versions just suck (played the 360 demo). The world size (while several MMOs beat it) is GIGANTIC, but still navigational.

The story is good enough and keeps the missions in check, but outside of that there isn’t much there in that department.

When you do beat the campaign, there are plenty of areas to explore and tons of easter eggs. I’m probably 53-80% done with the game and there are still things to do. JC2 is a time investment, but it is a fun one. Plus the mods are great.

This is a game to mess around in. You are given tons of guns and vehicles with the simple objective of “GO NUTS”. There is never a real dull moment in this game. You should get this game.

Verdict: BUY