Review: Plain Sight

Very interesting game. Hard to control but the music is amazing. Plain Sight is an odd game. It’s fun, frustrating and bizarre all in one. The main concept is see who can kill themselves the fastest and bring as many others with them.

Basically, it’s robot suicide bombers. Plain Sight is purely online play, but it has a pretty lively community, so don’t fret about not being able to find a game.

All in all, it’s a good game. Should you buy it? I have no idea.

Verdict: PROBABLY?

Review: Chime

While you can’t play your music, this game has more playability than BIT.TRIP BEAT. Chime is an amazing game featuring amazing music (just ignore the fact Moby is in the game). The trailer for this game does not do it justice. You really should just buy it yourself and play it.

Plus the money from the game goes to charity. Do it for the childrens.

Verdict: BUY

Review: Borderlands

Borderlands is the definition of timewaster without paying for a subscription (also joining this game is the Oblivion series). The DLC is pricey and the game’s missions are very meh.

You’ll probably get sucked into this game if you love guns, have completionist syndrome or like to explore forever and not find anything. Enemies are jerks, but sooner or later you’ll find that god gun and everyone will fall in less than two shots. I found the god shotgun (same one from Mass Effect) that fired from across the room and took out bosses in a single blow.

The game is not balanced and wants to be a “tough game for REAL MEN” but it doesn’t do a very good job at this. Explosions aren’t all that great and the world is desolate and can be very boring. Networking is meh and everything is powered by “blast from the past” GameSpy Arcade. Borderlands is prone to really bizarre errors.

That said, people will tell you that “YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS”, but Borderlands nowhere near your expectations.

Verdict: DEPENDS.

Additionally, a lot of this game is just hype. It’s great for wasting time in, but sooner or later it will lose its appeal.

Review: Bloody Good Time

This is basically an updated version of The Ship with the exact same objective: Try to kill as many contestants as possible without being seen or killed yourself.

The game is a tad short with only three maps, but it’s still an interesting game. Gameplay is long (you can not play a game for any time less than 15 minutes), so you have to preallocate quite a bit of time beforehand.

Techwise, BGT is built off of the Source engine, so if you can play L4D, HL2, Portal, or TF2, you can play this. There’s some unique mechanics that you won’t find in other Source games, but it is nothing that is cutting edge or that will blow your mind.

But Bloody Good Time is cheap and it’s a good time waster.

Verdict: BUY


BIT.TRIP BEAT is just musical Pong. That’s it. There is nothing more to this game. You cannot use your own music and there aren’t very many modes. The only difference between this game and Pong, are the flashing backgrounds and that Pong is more fun.

You will get tired of this game within 20 minutes. If you play any longer, the game gets so boring it will blast cheap enemies at you so that you’ll die before you die of extreme boredom.

Verdict: PASS