EA Mobile launches skate

I hate ports of good video games to phones. They never ever come out any good then the consoles. But then that’s a given due to it’s screen and poor graphics. Anyways, back onto the topic of EA. EA Mobile has released skate, their anti-Tony Hawk series that has been dominated by Activision since 1996. EA calls mobile skate “extreme” but that has yet to really be determined by anyone really.

According to EA, skate lets anyone with a cell phone hit the half-pipe to perform ollies, grinds and many more tricks. There are 2 different play modes, freestyle or story. In story you play as a skateboarder in the city of San Vanelona (which doesn’t exist FYI) on the not at all original quest to be a skateboarding superstar by “pulling off enough slick moves to capture the cameras and land on the cover of Thrasher magazine”. Slick? Why not sick? Skate features professional skaters such as Danny Way, Chris Cole, Mike Carroll, Rob Dyrdek and many more.

Skate is now on most major cell phone providers download networks, so you can download the game and play right away.

EA announces a new game to its Need for Speed franchise

Need For Speed: ProStreetEA announced their newest title in the Need for Speed series, ProStreet. ProStreet, which releases on October 31st, is supposed to be EA games’ interpretation of Street Racing Culture in the next 5 years (in otherwords, exactly the same as it is now). You start as you normally start in NFS games, a person who is a nobody who then enters street racing to become somebody. No new news here. According to the Executive Producer, Larry LaPierre: “This is a next-gen game, packed with the raw intensity and visceral aggression that defines street racing at the highest level.” Yeah, Need for Speed games have never really done it as well as the Burnout series, in my opinion.

Apparently for the “first time ever” you can design and build your car, a feature that has been in NFS since Underground. Not much of the story has been revealed but knowing EA it will probably have to do with you competing against some rival or something. And new in NFS: ProStreet is the Show Down mode, which sounds a lot like a race.

EA will probably not surprise me at all with ProStreet.

Burnout speeding to the mobile platform

EA announced that they are developing Burnout (the best racing game ever) for the mobile phone. With this new addition to the Burnout series, people will be able to “take their dangerous driving experience wherever and whenever they are on the move”. Apparently, they are oblivious to how bad Burnout Legends was for the Nintendo DS, now take that game and give it worse graphics and you will get Need for Speed for the Mobile. While EA has yet to release screenshots, I assume this game isn’t going to be very good visually and via controls. 🙁

EA believes that fans will be raving about this game, and as a huge fan of the Burnout series, I can say that I for one am not looking forward to this game if it’s anything like Burnout Legends. There will be new game modes exclusive to the Mobile phone version that comes out next month (August).

We hope that you don’t play while you are in your car (or anyone else’s).

Call of Duty 2 coming to a PDA near you.

Call of Duty 2 PDAWow, of all things…a PDA. Funny cause you would think the graphics are terrible but they are actually half way decent. Aspyr is currently porting CoD 2 to the PDA. And they seem to be doing a really good job for a game who’s graphics are pretty realistic. Anyway, Call of Duty 2 PDA will be out by the end of this month.

It runs on Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 systems. It requires a PDA or Smartphone, 28MB of RAM, and a some sort of storage card that has at least 32MB of free space on it. If you love COD you might wanna pick this game up, for those times when you are out and about and really need to kick some nazi butt.
You can view the PDA’s game site here.