Remembering 9/11

Not sure if any of you were involved in 9/11 but this is my view on it. It sucks. It was a very sad event. And what’s an interesting effect is that because of 9/11 many video game developers removed the twin towers or any reference to terrorism from their games. Microsoft removed the twin towers from MS flight simulator and made the game really boring by taking out explosions that occur from when the planes crashed, GTA 3 had hijacking planes removed and the colors of the cop cars were changed to black and white instead of the NYPD colors, blue and white. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty had a scene where Arsenal Gear (the flying fortress) crashing into Manhattan and the statue of liberty, the soviet war game where the soviets attack America, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2’s box art changed to depict the main character with an American flag behind him, not the falling and destruction of a building as originally displayed. Sega’s awesome game Propeller Arena was canceled due to the fact one could crash into a building while fighting the other aircraft. Shinobi the rated M ninja game had a scene where the main ninja jumps out of a helicopter and uses his sword to slow his fall by mashing it into a building. When the ninja hit the ground, the building was supposed to shatter. The scene was deleted. Syphon Filter 3 originally had a terrorist cover look, with the main character pointing a gun to the person looking at the box. This was changed to a generic look of the two main characters looking important instead.

As you can see 9/11 had a big impact on not just our lives but the media and the games that we play. I feel sorry for the ones that were lost on this tragic day and that may their families remember the good times they had with them.