Force demo is Unleashing next week

The new Star Wars game, Force Unleashed, will be “unleashing” onto the PS3 and the Xbox 360 marketplace August 21st. According to LucasArts, the demo places you in the TIE Fighter Construction Facility level that has been taken over by a Jedi general named Rahm Kota. Your mission? Kill everything (though you aren’t a crazed killer [the game isn’t as dark as it sounds]).

Not only that, but LucasArts is also throwing a tutorial level into the demo as well (which according to them, is very important [not that any other demo we’ve played has not had a tutorial level in it]).

The full game releases September 16th for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS, PS2 and PSP.

Spike TV will be running a dedicated night to the release of the new game (much like they did for Halo 3).

Stay tuned.

Sonic RPG titled and dated

Sonic Chronicals: The Dark BrotherhoodThe mysterious Sonic RPG that’s been in progress for about a year finally has a title. It’s called Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood and it’s coming out this year on September 9th for the Nintendo DS. The game is being developed by BioWare. You might remember them from Mass Effect.

First of all, why an RPG? Hasn’t Sonic almost always been a platformer or an Adventure game (not counting the Sonic boxing game)? Is this showing us that SEGA isn’t making much money off of the Sonic franchise? This seems to be the case, notice it’s called Sonic Chronicles, which normally infers there is going to be a sequel or something.

Second of all, “The Dark Brotherhood”? That sounds like something from World of Warcraft doesn’t it?

Nintendo Power states that the game has two acts, one placed in the traditional Green Hill Zone and happy places like that. The other act takes place in “darker world than we’re accustomed to seeing in Sonic games”. Really now? You obviously haven’t played some of the more recent Sonic games. Shadow the Hedgehog, anyone?

So far, not much else is known, other then the fact the main Sonic cast is playable (Blaze and Silver and Cream aren’t on the list though).

Ace Attorney fans, Apollo Justice appears in court tomorrow

Apollo Justice, from the trailerThe newest title in the Ace Attorney series (the series used to be called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) appears in stores tomorrow. The new game will not feature Phoenix as the main character, instead you will play a new attorney called Apollo Justice. The game takes place about 7 years from when Phoenix lost his job because he displayed false evidence during a case.

But don’t dismay, Phoenix isn’t gone from the game, he’s who you have to defend in a murder case. He looks completely different then what gamers will remember of him. Phoenix states that he now works as at a bar as a piano player, and an ace poker player.

This is the first game to be on the DS originally instead of being on the GBA and then ported to the DS for American release. The game is something to look forward to for both new and experienced gamers of the series. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney appears in stores tomorrow.

If you are unsure about the game, Capcom has put up a playable demo for you to try out.

Disney changes the DS into an interactive guide

The Walt Disney World park is utilizing a DS game called the Disney Magic Connection to give you real time info on the park (note, this is in beta and probably not available everywhere just yet). Details are vague for now as there hasn’t been an official press release.

From what I have seen, this is a really awesome thing for Disney. Disney Magic Connection shows you the Park Map, where the nearest bathrooms and ATMs are, ride line times, when and where character showings and parades are occurring. It even has a few games and a wishlist (great for making a list of stuff to do while you are at the park). Another cool feature, the app detects when you are on a ride or in the queuing line and goes to sleep automatically.

Unfortunately, the current app is only for Disney handout DSes (I assume it needs a card and can’t be downloaded like a demo) and not your own DS.

You can checkout the guide manual here.

Best of 2007 #7: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Pokemon DiamondIf you compare this game to the original Red, Blue, and Green versions, you can see how far handheld games have come in the last 10 years. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is not only now in color, but also in partial 3D, and touch-screen enabled on the DS. The variety and creativity of the creatures are very well done, and the three powerful starters (Turtwig [grass], Chimchar [fire], and Piplup [water]) make for interesting playback.

Team Galactic, the control-driven team that you’re set to defeat, are fun to beat and comical, and this time there are 3 main characters: You, your friend from your hometown, and Lucas/Dawn, the Professor’s assistant. With the aid of Lucas/Dawn (depending on your character’s gender) and your friend, you battle your way through Team Galactic (while beating the gym leaders on your own) to stop them from controlling Sinnoh, or even the galaxy!

This game definitely isn’t the hardest thing to beat, but it’s not the easiest, either. Either way, it’s fun.