Contest: Enter to win a free copy of DETOUR!

I just got five (5) CD keys from the guys at Sandswept Studios for their brand new game, DETOUR, that launched yesterday on Steam. DETOUR is an incredibly fun RTS game that you really should go play because it’s fun and BECAUSE I TOLD YOU TO.

You can read my review of the game here.

To enter this contest: simply just comment on this post! Be sure to leave a valid email address so we can send the code to you. Steam is required to download and play the game. One comment per person, please.

Contest ends 5/20/2011, good luck!

EDIT: Comments can take several hours before they show up. This is because the comments have to be approved first (to filter out dupe submissions).

EDIT 2: Comments are now closed and winners will be drawn soon.

EDIT 3: Winners have been drawn and notified. Thanks for entering! 😀

Winners for the RumbleBox Tournament

The winners for our (low attendance) RumbleBox Tournament are:

  1. Sentynel – 10,004,900
  2. Efity – 7,027,000
  3. Andres – 5,902,900

And the winner for the random drawing was:

Will – 2,406,900

Sadly, not many people entered (you lazy people you) but it was fun anyway. Each winner gets a copy of Pinnacle Game Profiler. Congrats to our winners!

Ultimate Rumble Box Tournament for the prize of Pinnacle Game Profiler

Screenshot of Rumblebox
Contest Over Tune in for the winners! They will be announced soon

For the first time ever, GameSpotting! will be featuring a tournament to all its readers. We are going to give away up to 4 copies of Pinnacle Game Profiler to 3 people who get the highest score on a very fun, simplistic game called Rumble Box.

What do I do? Download Rumble Box and install it on your computer. If you want to play with a controller, then download the Pinnacle Game Profiler trial version as well (and you might want to download the Rumble Box game profile too). The controls are fairly simple (A to attack, B to grab, Start to pause).

How do I enter the tournament? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and install Rumble Box
  2. Play the game on “Play” or “Challenge” mode and attempt to get a high score.
  3. Then send us your high score by emailing with your highest score. If we need confirmation, we might ask for your scores.hs file (can be found here: “C:\Program Files\Rumble Box\”) attached and we will check the file to confirm your high score. You can submit your score multiple times (only if you happen to get a higher score) but we will only count your highest score.

How many will win? Only 3 people who get the highest score in the game. Then a forth copy will be given out to a user that is in the top 10 if the random rank number matches their rank number.

How will I know if I won? We will send an email to you stating that you have won. And then you will receive an email from Pinnacle with your license information. We will post the winners entry names on the site after the contest is over. Prizes need to be claimed by Wednesday. If not claimed by then, we will choose another winner. Prizes will be sent on Wednesday/Thursday.

Can I check if I won? We will try to post the top 3 current leaders on the sidebar on the right.

Why Rumble Box? We chose Rumble Box is a game that is easy to learn and provides a challenge. Plus the factors of it being free and an awesome game really bump up it’s ranking. Don’t let the screenshots get at you! This game isn’t childish as you may think. You can’t be called a gamer without having played Rumble Box. And we love Rumble Box (oh and it has ninjas)! It’s a fun game (and if you don’t believe us, why don’t you check out a video).

Why the prize? Because Pinnacle Game Profiler allows you to map controls onto ANY controller and create profiles for almost ANY game (and it supports force feedback [a little rumble action for ya]) and much more!

When does the contest end? The contest ends June 3rd (Sunday).

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