id Software announces Rage

The makers of Doom and Quake announced their newest game, Rage yesterday. Rage is set in the time where Players fight against a corrupt and oppressive government in the aftermath of an apocalyptic world. The game will be built with new graphic technology not seen yet in video games. The new technology was made by the co-founder of id Software, John Carmack who showed it off to people at the QuakeCon event yesterday.

The technology behind Rage, named “Tech5”, will allow developers to make games that have better graphics, more realistic extremely easy. Plus it features technology that allows a PC game to be easily changed and ported for the Mac, Xbox 360 and the PS3. CEO Todd Hollenshead stated that “You can have massive outdoor environments and make them look glorious down to pixel level without any performance issues.”

Rage has not been dated for release and the publisher is currently unknown, however it’s most likely going to be Activision as they have been the publisher for id Software for quite awhile.

According to id Software, the game will not be just a regular Doom or Quake, the levels are outdoor and more open, allowing the player to roam in very large areas. However, it will still have bad guys and awesome guns and things that you can shoot at but the Quake developers wanted to provide more of a “surprise”.

We will be watching this Rage project as it continues.