Not another Mario Party!!!!

Mario Party 8 (oh lord, not again) came out today and is supposed to be the first “in the series to incorporate motion controls”, DUH! No other Nintendo console had these “motion controls” (Wii controller) that you speak of.

Here are GameSpotting! we are extremely tired of Mario Party and would love for it to go out into the street and die. Please. The game’s best was Mario Party 2 and then Mario Party 4. But 8? Come on! It’s lost it’s value like 5 years ago. The new game is carnival themed (more kiddy like, and the game is gonna suck more), which makes us wonder if they are running out of ideas (7 was kinda like a carnival).

Think about it, you can’t buy items any more, have to have these stupid “canisters” that contain your items. It’s just not as much fun as I wished it to be.

Mario Party 8 is supposed to use the WiiMote to interact with the gameboard (Nintendo gave the description of using it to punch the air to chip away at a statue, point it at the screen to shoot at targets or balance it like a tightrope walker’s pole). Apparently, the WiiMote will add hilarity to the “competition” (when has Mario Party ever been funny? Never. It’s not a game of humor).

And of course, it contains new boards, games, characters, story and the usual yada yada that is included with all the games. How fun… Please Nintendo, stop making Mario Parties or go back to the values found in Mario Party 4, the new ones aren’t fun anymore.