Review: Beat Hazard

Beat Hazard is a fun game, I won’t deny that. But do note that the music analysis system isn’t as in-depth (detecting beat or tempo) or accurate as you would expect. Your bullets are completely powered by your music, so if you have a song that isn’t very intense, good luck completing the level.

It is very difficult to keep track of your ship. Asteroids (when they explode), cause a bunch more asteroids, just to make it more difficult to see anything. Firing at them can produce points, but really, it’s not worth it. The bosses have moves that make it hard to see when they are firing (for example, they can fire this one pixel thick laser that kills you instantly if it hits your ship). The backgrounds change color making it hard to figure out who is firing at who.

Basically, the gameplay is challenging, in a bad way. Music only really affects the power of your ship but nothing else. This is a game you do not play for hours with, this is a game you play a small session just to fight off boredom or something.

However, should you get this game, I highly advise you also purchase the iTunes DLC (should you use iTunes).

Verdict: It depends on your love of music games, but all in all, PASS