Review: Magicka

Oh Magicka. You are totally unstable, but you are a ton of fun. Magicka is the definition of a game that was released without actually passing QA. But here’s the odd thing, it’s actually a good game.

Basically, I could go into the game, but I rather just skip to the point and tell you that while it is a bit difficult to control, hard to get used to and full of co-op bugs, Magicka is still a game you should get (besides, the devs are actively working on bugs [the game has gone through like nine patches as of writing and it only released earlier this week]).

The game’s story is weaved with the perfect amount of humor, not too much to make you despise it, and not too little to make you want for it. The achievements are some of the game’s finest points (each contain a reference to some pop-culture item [firin mai lazer be one of them]). And to top it off, all of the game’s voice actors (minus the narrator and Vlad) are the Swedish Chef from the Muppets (and it isn’t annoying).

I cannot stress this enough, you ABSOLUTELY NEED to get this game.

Verdict: BUY