Review: Monday Night Combat

Monday Night CombatĀ  is a great game. It’s basically like DotA, tower defense and TF2 class based action mixed together. Review done. Ship it.

I want to make it clear that MNC is not really TF2, since the only thing it shares are the classes, apart from that there isn’t much more in common. The characters are original enough and the class base traits and roles are unique. The game is goofy, chaotic and rather fun and the community is rather lively so it’s easy to get into games pretty quickly.

MNC is one of my favorite Xbox games, and now that it is on the PC, I’m ecstatic. The content provided on the PC exceeds the Xbox version. And with a high replay factor, there really isn’t much to lose.

Verdict: BUY

Note: This is one of my old reviews that didn’t transfer over when I first started reposting Steam reviews on this site.