Review: Shattered Horizon

If Shattered Horizon was summed up in only a couple of phrases, they would be: omg, why am I spinning all over the place, awesome I’m in space, die die die, knife fight, why am I losing?, omg I’m the best, BOOM! SPACE HEADSHOT.

Despite its flaws, Shattered Horizon is an interesting experiment. It’s a fun game and really interesting, to say the least. It has a lively community for the most part so you will find people, but those people might be too good. I can’t say if you’ll ever find people in your ranking, but if you do, then great job (you did better than me).

That said, it’s fun experience for what it’s worth. Do note that you need a pretty powerful computer to run it. Also, get it when it is on sale. You’ll enjoy it for a while.

Verdict: BUY