Wii Internet Channel ready for action

Nintendo announced that they have released (they said it was sometime in April, and it turns out to be today) the full version of the Opera browser for the Wii. However, it doesn’t have all the features (it’s just missing one) they said they were going to add just yet. It does have the better zoom in/out functions, better display fonts, the collapsible toolbars Nintendo said they were going to add and the ability to have more then one cursor (not sure how that works out).

Plus there are 2 new functions that they didn’t mention before. One of them is the search engine function. This function allows you to search either Google or Yahoo! as a default search engine for the browser’s search button. You can also change the search engine at any time and you should be able to add more search engines as well. The second feature (not really much of a feature) but the browser now comes with pre-loaded bookmarks of Yahoo, Nintendo, Google and My Opera (which is Opera’s portal page).

The browser is free up till June 30th. After that, users who haven’t downloaded it will have to pay 500 Wii Points. Once you have downloaded the browser, you will get free updates and will not have to download it again.

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