How to actually use the annoying EA Uninstaller

Seeing that EA has not posted anything on how to uninstall their games and it is the most annoying process to figure out yourself, I wrote this article to help people with uninstalling EA games.

I am starting to run out of precious hard drive space, and considering that NFS Carbon Demos are taking up some 800+MBs I decided to uninstall them. Until I found out that the game acts like spyware and you can’t uninstall the games because the EAUninstaller claims that a file called EAinstall.dll is missing or EAinstall.dll was not found.

However, there is a fix. In order to uninstall EA Games you have to move the EAinstall.dll to C:\WINDOWS (or C:\WINNT if you are on NT/2000).

If you can’t find EAinstall.dll you can download it here.

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