August Wii TurboGrafx-16 Virtual Console games revealed

NeutopiaHudson Soft decided to start the month out early and put up their TurboGrafx-16 release list for the month of August. I love how they take away the surprise and let us know early. I wish Nintendo would do this.

One of the games coming next month is the Legend of Zelda clone, Neutopia. Neutopia actually looks like a good LOZ clone, so it might be a good pick me up. Neutopia will probably be released near the end of the month, while Cratermaze will be released somewhere in mid-August.

Cratermaze is a bit different from other Wii Virtual Console games, where the bosses kill you instantly and you dig holes to defeat enemies. The various levels are weaved together via the back story of you “traveling time” to various eras (each era is about 15 levels) trying to collect treasure and save your friends.

And the last (and the one to probably release first) is Galaga ’90 which is really a PC port of the Galaga ’88 game. However it’s not called Galaga ’88 but Galaga ’90 in the states because of release times. A bit confusing, but they are the same games. Galaga ’90 is an improved version of the original Galaga game. It feature better graphics, harder game play, more pickups, better bosses, and a bunch more. It’s kinda like the Deluxe version of Galaga. Basically you shoot bosses and bad guys in the scrolling arcade shooter style.