Mario Strikers Charged smashes in to stores

Mario Stikers ChargedNintendo has released the newest Mario soccer game today. Titled Mario Strikers Charged, the game is a half sequel/half modified port of the original Super Mario Strikers that was for the GameCube. Mario Strikers Charged contains many of the elements from the Nintendo GameCube version except this time the game is a bit more deadly (which makes it much more fun). Players and computer opponents can now launch thunderstorms, earthquakes, firestorms, shockwaves and other environmental hazards in their attempts to defeat the other team and win the game. How any of the characters survive such hazards is amazing (just goes to show you, this isn’t any old game of soccer).

The new sequel features 9 new stadiums, a ton of new characters, specialized WiiMote controls (flicking the WiiMote to block and steal) and Wi-Fi. If you are able to master Striker Challenges or the succeed in the tournament-styled Road to the Striker Cup you will be able to unlock new elements and cheats (as with all Mario Sports games) in Mario’s new soccer game.

Mario Strikers Charged E3 screenshotFor the new Wi-Fi multiplayer feature, players will be able to go online and battle it out against other Strikers players around the nation. However, in order to keep things “fair and friendly” there is a “positive” structured points-based system in place. But the odd side to this is that there is no way to be the best at this game point-wise as the game resets all points each week (that is so uncool, but I can see how it can be “fair and positive” this way).

Mario Strikers Charged is in stores now with an ESRB rating of E10+.