Review: Binary Domain

Binary Domain can be easily described as I, Robot the game.

One of the key features of Binary Domain is the ability to use your voice to give commands. Unfortunately, the voice recognition is really shitty and the game relies too heavily on it.

In fact, in order to even give this game a “try it” rating, I would highly recommend that you turn off the voice input setting. If left on, all that’s going to happen is extreme frustration. Sure, the recognition is hilariously bad at first, but after about twenty minutes of your teammates going “HUH” and “WHAT WAS THAT, I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU” to almost every single prompt, you just want to throw your computer at a wall.

Dat Face.
Such a pretty face.

There are too many parts of the campaign that require you to stop every four seconds so that a teammate can tell you how scratchy their butt is at the moment. It really just kills the immersion because those prompts are designed for you to have voice recognition on, but you, hopefully trying to save yourself from pain, will likely have turned it off. Teammate interaction gets even worse because everytime you get injured, you must issue a command to your teammates that you are okay, otherwise they’ll get mad at you and stop firing their weapons because their AI doesn’t know what to do.

The campaign is decent but that might be because the developers ripped off I, Robot a lot, so the story is fairly intriguing. But I have to mention how Binary Domain has very smooth cutscenes that flow seemlessly with the actual gameplay. It’s something that can be appreciated considering almost every other game always has a black screen or some sort of abrupt transition between a cutscene and actual gameplay.

Multiplayer is mostly deserted, but you should be able to find atleast four people to play the firefight like gamemode with you. Just don’t expect to play any PVP gametypes, because it’s incredibly rare to find the required six people to start the game. Otherwise, the game just ends up being like this:

Overall, the experience is quite good, but it’s not the greatest thing ever. I would recommend a try, and then buy it if you can get it for under ten dollars.