Review: Driver San Francisco

Driver SF is a very, very frustrating game. I feel it’s best played with a controller, but that will not stop you from getting annoyed. For some odd reason, the civilian AI cars get really derp and decide that instead of trying to get themselves to safety, the best thing to do is to drive right in front of the guy who is trying to stop/cause trouble. It’s like they were all programmed to be the hero or something.

You think your quick reaction times will help you avoid it?


These idiots will not stop until they make you rage, it is impossible to drive without spinning out, crashing or failing a mission. This even happens when you are in your cop car. Forget that you’re a cop with sirens and people should be getting the hell out of your way, no no no, San Francisco stops for no one. It’s ridiculously annoying. I feel like Driver would be much better if it wasn’t set in San Francisco, because it is a fucking mess there.

The campaign story is not all that great. You are basically told the ending at the start of the game. I mean, come on. Why should I continue playing? So I can know that I’m in a coma and should get out so I can stop the bad guy that I’ll end up stopping anyways? And the reasons for doing side missions are so stupid that the developers deemed that the side missions should be required in order to move on with the main mission.

Which introduces the topic of how dumb the side missions are, for example, you must evade the cops for a certain amount of time or you will fail a mission. Sounds easy right? Nope. All of the AI cop cars have the ability to plow through AI cars and not stop. Yeah. And if you crash, you’re basically screwed, because then more cop cars will show up.

Luckily you could just skip this side mission and do a different one, right?


With the side missions, Ubisoft basically made it impossible to move on until you complete ALL of the side missions. Thus you end up having to do team racing (where your partner is the most stupid thing ever [You finish in first, partner gets second to last, you fail the mission]) and more of these stupid getaway missions.

This game is the most frustrating, rage inducing game ever. Ubisoft, fucking stop it. You’re being stupid. Stop doing shit implementations of driving games.

Verdict: PASS